Meet a MadTree Brewer – Tuesday February 11th @ 5:00pm

We asked ourselves at BrewRiver Gastropub:
“What does it take to become a brewer?”

A flannel shirt?…(we can only assume yes…that or a vintage tee.)

A beard?…(we’d like to see you produce a quality brew without one!)

Hours and hours invested in “tasting” different styles of craft beer?…(we all need a hobby, right?)

Even though we think we nailed the difficult questions and assume that our answers are 99% accurate, we decided to borrow a brewer from our good friends at MadTree, just to be sure.
So we invite YOU to join us Tuesday, February 11th at 5pm for your chance to get to know a MadTree brewer! Ask some questions about beer, life, and anything else you think a brewer should know.

Also, you get to drink beer.
Good beer.
Beer from MadTree.
Beer with names like Galaxy High, Rubus Cacao, Lift, and Pyschopathy.

Feel free to practice asking your questions in the comment section below. We’ll be sure to ask the best ones on the 11th!
Cheers for beer~



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