Tuesday’s May 27th Crawfish Boil, Cancelled!

We are fairly confident that you all are well aware of our dedication to bringing you only the freshest foods. Particularly when it comes to our weekly Tuesday Crawfish Boils. So, when does our dedication to freshness became a bad thing?
When the holiday weekend affects our ability to bring you fresh Louisiana Crawfish…
With heavy hearts we regret to inform you that this weeks Crawfish Boil on Tuesday May 27th has been cancelled.
In an effort to help us feel better about the situation, we like to imagine our little Crawfish stuck in the terminal.
Wanting to come home to us in Cincinnati… but due to circumstances beyond their control, they are stuck in the terminal…
Kind of like that one movie, The Terminal.
We appreciate your understanding of the situation and if you are interested in joining us for dinner this Tuesday we will be serving our traditional menu.

We hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!




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